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Akmola region

Akmola region is an agricultural and industrial region. The enclave, surrounded by the territory of the region, is the capital of Kazakhstan Astana, which is not administratively included in the region. The administrative center since 1999 is the city of Kokshetau. It borders on the west with Kostanay, in the north - with North Kazakhstan, in the east - with Pavlodar and in the south - with Karaganda regions. Akmola region occupies the western outskirts of the Kazakh folded country between the Ulytau mountains in the south-west and the Kokshetau heights in the north. The general slope of the terrain is from east to west. In the same direction the middle part of the Akmola region crosses the valley of the Ishim River, turning steeply to the north not far from the western border of the region.

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Glade of Abylai Khan

Akmola region

Stella Abylai Khan is located at the foot of the famous mountain Kokshe in Borovoe city, Akmola region. The installation site is the historical glade of Abylai Khan. Stella Abylai Khan was established in 1991 in honor of the 280th anniversary of Abylai Khan. The monument affirms the historical continuity of state institutions of Kazakhstan, Abylai Khan is glorified as one of the unifiers of the peoples of Kazakhstan. The whole monument is read as a symbol of the Motherland, which united many peoples and nations on its territory.