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Mangistau region

Mangystau region is part of the oldest civilization, an archaeological reserve in the open air. Archaeologists have found numerous Paleolithic monuments on the coast of the Sarytash Bay, on the Tyubkaragan Peninsula and in the valleys of the Shahbagata and Kumakapa rivers. In the 1st millennium BC Great Silk Road passed on the lands of Mangistau, from Khorezm and Khiva to Europe and the Middle East. On the Ustyurt plateau along this way stood the fortresses, caravanserais, settlements of artisans, herders and hunters.

Bozzhyra tract

Mangistau region

Bozzhyra tract is located in the western part of the Ustyurt plateau on the Mangyshlak peninsula of the Mangistau region. The tract is confined to the Karashek basin, whose same name is located in the south-west of the Boszhira tract.

Approximately 20 kilometers from the tract there is a road - the Beket-Ata - Zhanaozen necropolis. The tract of Boszhir is a remnant mountain range on the outskirts of the western chink of Ustyurt. It is located at the bottom of the greatest canyon, which greatly enhances the impression of its contemplation.